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QTA is a boutique talent agency specializing in Film & TV, with a strong presence in cultural hubs such as London, Brussels, and Amsterdam. 


We take pride in curating a diverse and exceptionally talented roster of actors, each bringing a unique set of skills to the entertainment world.

At QTA, our commitment to diversity is showcased through the multitalented and multilingual nature of our actors. We emphasize a broad spectrum of skills, allowing for a rich variety of backgrounds and perspectives.  


We promote inclusivity, uphold high standards of professionalism and contribute to the industry's evolving narrative by showcasing our talent on an international scale.


Bridging Worlds, Crafting Stars is not just our slogan; it encapsulates our mission. As we continue to shape the future of entertainment, QTA remains dedicated to a vision that celebrates the unique stories and talents each artist brings to the world stage.

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